In september 1997, Matt, No. and Olli met for first time. Influenced by Orbituary, Bolt Thrower and co. the band produced two demos (mc) under the name "Mortal Viruz". Name changed early 1998. First gigs same year. First documented gig may 1999 with Pessismist (US) in Berlin. Debut album "Headhunter" fall 1999.  The Rest is history.
On stages and tour with bands like Cryptopsy, Krisiun, Waltari, Arch Enemy, Trivium, Heamorrhage, Harmony Dies, Sinners Bleed, Orth, Debauchery, Postmortem and many more...

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Burning Mighty Empires

Line Up: Matt (vox), No (dr), Olli (gits, backvox), Marc (bass)

recorded, mixed and mastered by SPAWN

Metal Guardian
ToMetal (engl.)

The Wicked Reincarnation

recorded & mastered 04/2008 @ Dailyhero Records
by Florian Nowak  and Marc W├╝stenhagen

LineUp: Matt (vox), No (dr), Olli (git, backvox), Dirk (git), Janice (bass)

10 years after first demo "Headhunter" new bandlogo presentation

RockHard:"Brutal as fuck...!"  8.5/10 pts. RockHard December 2009

Legacy: "The Wicked Reincarnation ist schlicht und ergreifend die aktuell beste Death Metal Scheibe aus Deutschland" - (SES) No.62   13/15pts.

Human Toxin

recorded, mixed and mastered @DailyHero Recordings)
by Flo & Michel

2004 special handnumbered edition with enhanced multimedia part

final release 2005 licensed by Morbid Records

Record release party with Kadath and Maledictive Pigs at legendary K17 Club

Big presentation show at "Full Force" Festival 2005 mainstage

Line Up: Matt (vox), No (dr), Olli (bass,git, backvox), Hardy (git)

Reviews: 9/10

Powermetal 8,5/10

Hybrid Manifestion

7" Split Vinyl with HARMONY DIES

Vinyl only! No digital version available.

Recorded & mixed: Orange Sound/Headquarter Studio by Peter Oz
mastered at Mega Wimp Studio
Release on Poserslaughter Records
4 week european tour with CRYPTOPSY, HEAMORRHAGE and PROFANITY

Systems Full of Victims

recorded: 2001 by Peter Oz/Soundwerk Orange, Headquarter Studios
Label: Bruchstein Records
Line Up: Matt (vox), No (dr), Olli (git), Hardy (git, backvox),Alf (bass)

Special Record Release Show: Fuck the Commerce IV
Tour Germany, Switzerland with KRISIUN 2001


After two mc demos (under the name "Mortal Viruz") "Headhunter" was the first real SPAWN release. 
6 raw dirty brutal tracks. 
Recorded on one very long weekend by Kai Mertens @SoundForge Studio

release sep 1999
first radio play @ RadioFritz (Stahlwerk)
band presentation by german fanzines

momorable gigs: Moritzbastei Leipzig with WALTARI (FIN)

Line Up: Matt (vox), Olli (git), No (drums), Chrille (bass)